The College English Department (CED) is part of Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College, one of the leading colleges, and consists of four teaching and research sections. The CED, founded in 1999 (formerly the Foreign Languages Teaching and Research Office from 1964-1998), builds on SFTC’s traditional strengths in FLT to meet the standards of 5Cs in the globalized world. The CED offers foundational courses like comprehensive English, English listening and oral English as well as varieties of elective courses with the aim of preparing student for a global future. The curriculum emphasizes inquiry into learning by doing by integrating language training, cross-cultural understanding, learning strategies, theories of academic disciplines and themes of target major and issues of contemporary world.

Since its creation, the CED is strength at SFTC’s core. The approximately fifty faculty members hold advanced degrees from leading universities in China and around the world and actively pursue research in their specializations. They represent many different academic disciplines and cultural backgrounds, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives. Training 77% students and awarding 24% credits, CED is SFTC’s largest department and heart of general education. The lively intellectual community formed by faculty with diverse academic specializations encourages close student-faculty interaction, thus enhancing teaching, research, and career opportunities. All the faculty members have different backgrounds, different perspectives, different approaches, and different dreams. But it’s the ways they work together and the qualities they share that make CED special. Whether they have years of experience or are just embarking on their intellectual journeys, they all share:


Passion brings learning to life. Passion motivates and animates. It kindles intellectual curiosity and stimulates action. Passion gets a professor up early in the morning and keeps a lecturer working late into the night. It’s the reason to begin and the reminder to persist.

At CED, passion drives professors in every corner of campus. It fuels their dedication to their work and pushes them to take risks and forge new ground. This is a place where people love what they do. Whether it’s an intense connection to an idea, cutting-edge research, or the commitment to improve the world—it all starts with passion. At CED, passion propels scholars beyond boundaries and toward discovery.


Inspiration ignites and sustains transformative ideas. Inspiration sparks innovation. It opens minds and pushes boundaries. It awakens an appetite for learning and a drive for discovery. And it catalyzes new ideas.

Inspiration can fuel the individual imagination or propel the collective consciousness. At CED, inspiration does both. Here, professors not only inspire but are inspired by their students every day. That shared enthusiasm and passion for learning radiates across campus in classrooms, studios, labs, and beyond. At CED, the teaching experience is always a learning experience.


Creativity reflects the individual mind at its unexpected best. Creativity fires the synapses and powers the imagination. It is fearless, innovative, and defiant. Creativity respects knowledge but is never constrained by what is known. It enables the mind to imagine what does not yet exist and explore paths to make it happen. When it soars, creativity fuses intelligence and knowledge with purpose. It thrives at that level across CED, pushing every field in surprising directions.

CED encourages and cultivates creative minds. Uniformity and conformity are not regarded here. In every discipline, professors inspire students to challenge their own thinking, to connect ideas in fresh ways, and to think different. And, as students develop their own intellectual artistry, they prompt their professors to consider new worlds of possibility.


Collaboration makes win-win situation and the basis for effective teamwork. It boosts productivity, improves efficiency, solves problems, creates opportunities, and drives innovation. It enables individuals to meet challenges and build competitive advantage. At CED, it is manifestly evident in multiple layers, which engages both heart and mind.

Collaboration is intrinsic to the CED’s culture and mission: all for one, one for all. Whether you’re a newcomer or an award winner, opportunities abound to partner with like-minded scholars. At CED, creative interdisciplinary tracks are encouraged and supported at the highest levels. This is a place where independent minds work together.

By honoring the past and embracing the future, CED is highly regarded both on and off campus, with accumulated achievements in educational research. As globalization continues to accelerate, however, the present teaching material and method are being called into question. The dynamic education calls for constant innovation. We must remain nimble enough to respond to emerging student interests. As learning styles evolve, we need to incorporate new technologies into our classrooms, new concepts into our curriculum. The response to this is constantly updating textbooks and methodologies.

The mark of an outstanding education is not only the material being taught, but the way it is delivered. CED offers student-centered and task-based teaching and the intimacy of a language education—specifically, interaction with faculty—within an environment where the belief in the potential of education to make changes is shared. Driven by the initiative of students and supported through collaboration with faculty members, student workshops are held twice a year, and the English Society is established. Thus, our students get the best of both.

We have an opportunity to make a unique contribution to SFTC. To that end, we must focus on our fundamental drivers of excellence. With support from college and students, our aspiration will be realized.


公共英语部师资力量雄厚,现有教师 45人,其中教授1名,副教授10名。任课教师中具有硕士学位的教师15 人,在读硕士 24 名。多位教师具有海外留学经历,曾先后在比利时、澳大利亚、日本、美国等国家留学和深造。有2位教师先后接受过欧盟同声传译培训。目前,有1位教师在日本留学,攻读硕士学位;1位教师在美国密苏里南州立大学进行访学。2010年,我部有2位教师分获首届“外教社杯”全国大学英语教学大赛山东赛区决赛综合课程组和视听说课程组一等奖,其中1位教师在全国总决赛中荣获特等奖和综合课组一等奖两项殊荣。



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